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[Memory Stick] What is a Memory Stick? What is the difference between a Memory Stick and a sd card?

What is a memory stick?

The memory stick is called Memory Stick. It is the first mobile storage media developed by Sony Corporation of Japan. Memory stick It is used in Sony's PSP, PSX series game consoles, digital cameras, digital video cameras, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, and notebooks, for storing data, the equivalent of a computer's hard drive.

Memory Stick Features

In addition to its compact size, high stability, copyright protection, and ease of use with a variety of memory sticks, the memory stick has the advantage of Sony's extensive use of this technology, such as DV camcorders. Digital cameras, VAIO personal computers, color printers, Walkman, IC recorders, LCD TVs, etc., and PC Card converters, 3.5-inch floppy disk converters, parallel exit converters, and backup usb drive on insertion readers all make the memory sticks easy to implement. PC and Mac connection.

After the memory stick was launched, a series of companies including Samsung, Aihua, Sanyo, Casio, Fujitsu, Olympus, and Sharp have expressed their support for this format. Sony is also seeking home electronics industry and IT industry recognition of the memory stick format. Sony will introduce more products that represent the latest developments in memory sticks to the domestic market in the future.

One of the shortcomings of the Memory Stick is that it can only be used in Sony digital cameras and PSPs. Second, the capacity is not big enough. However, 8GB of capacity can be achieved. Older devices will not be able to use this new type of memory stick PRO, but digital products produced with Memory Stick PRO slots can be backwards compatible using traditional memory sticks. In addition to serial transmission, memory stick PRO also supports parallel transmission to achieve simultaneous transmission and reception of multiple data. In the parallel transmission mode, data is transmitted at a speed of more than 160 Mbps (theoretical value), making it possible to record DVD-quality dynamic images in real time. With this high speed, the Memory Stick PRO can also support advanced solutions brought by the upcoming broadband era. The Memory Stick PRO does not have blue bars or white bars. All Memory Stick PROs have copyright protection.

The difference and connection between memory stick and sd card

Memory sticks and SD cards are memory cards. It is only different in shape and size, and can be used as many times as U disk. It is a one-time investment. Memory sticks offer more than SD cards. Memory sticks are called Memory Sticks, Memory Stick DUOs, and they are mobile storage media developed by Sony Corporation of Japan. Memory stick family is very large, there are many types, generally divided into the following categories: blue memory stick commonly known as 'blue bars', is the most used memory stick, and more for Sony's digital player; 'Memory Stick 'Pro' is a newly released memory stick specification. There is no Chinese name at present. It not only has the same copyright protection function as the white bar, but also has a very fast speed, and the theoretical capacity is as high as 32GB. The 'Memory Stick DUO' is the current memory stick. The smallest size in the family, it can be compatible with the memory stick interface through the adapter, it is also divided into two kinds of blue and white, blue is called 'Memory Stick DUO', white is called 'Memory Stick PRO MAGICGATE', with The function of copyright protection is even greater. The memory stick is more expensive than the SD card but the storage speed of the memory stick is very high. Now the new generation of stick (memory stick pro) writes data up to 80m/s (black card silver bar red) and the SD card is not so fast There is a wide range of temperatures for Sony memory sticks. The SD card full name Security Digital Card can be used between -25 degrees and 85 degrees. It is jointly developed by Panasonic Corporation of Japan, Toshiba Corporation (TOSHIBA) and SanDisk Corporation of the United States. The SD card can be regarded as derived from the MMC card. It has more than the MMC card for the use of a secret number authentication function (SDMI specification) for data copyright protection. SD card is mostly used for MP3 player, digital camera, digital camera, etc. Its projection area is the same as that of MMC card, but slightly thicker, 2.1mm but the capacity of SD card is much larger, and the read/write speed is also faster for MMC card 4 times. At the same time, the interface of the SD card is compatible with the MMC card, and most of the interfaces supporting the SD card support the MMC card. At present, the SD card is rapidly popularized in digital cameras, and there are many differences between the two: 1. Memory stick compatibility is poor and other brands are basically incompatable. This is not comparable to SD cards but memory sticks. Between Sony's various products is common (including DC, DV and notebook, etc.), so if you have other Sony products, the memory stick is still very suitable 2. Memory Stick expensive: SD card is now very cheap, The memory stick is Sony's only, and the SD card can be stored in many brands except Fuji and Olympus. It is a disposable investment product.

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