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The Old Days

Remember listening on Local radio station for your favourite songs. Remember going down to the record store and purchasing my favorite songs on vinyl or CD. If you wanted to listen to this music he bought, he had to put on a turntable or your CD player. In case you've got a portable CD player, then you had to lug around that CD player along with your CDs you wished to listen to you personally. I recall taking my CD player to walk or run, and carrying around that CD player and my CDs hitting up against my legs while I was runnning. To say the least it was aggravating.

The MP3 Player

I recall having my first MP3 player in the early 2000s. I thought I could have all these songs on this one small device. If I had all the music in my MP3 player, it take up an whole room in my home. I thought it simply could not get much better. No longer aggravating CD player banging on me while I was hoping to run. It simply could find any better, or so I thought.


Here come the smartphone! I didn't want my MP3 or my Ipod any more because I could download all of my music to my mobile phone. My smartphone replaced my camera, my MP3 player, my stereo system, my CDs, and my vinyl. All in a device that I could hold in one hand. I could not get any better than that? Right?

Web Radio

All of a sudden I could Listen to web radio in my smartphone. I could make my own playlists, or just type in an artist and the web radio could take into a selection of music I might like. I could create my own radio stations.


The way we listen to Music, how we buy our music, and also the artist and our music is all at our fingertips. Web and Internet radio is the future of music. We no longer have to Wait to listen to our music, or go outside and physically purchase our music. We could do it All from internet radio. Yes, there is a significant number of internet radio to listen to. Take some time today and take a look at The Internet Of Music. For more take a look at find out here.

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