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The applicators are elastic rubber plates or rollers with the needles fixed on them in a special way. The needles are made of metals necessary for the human body (zinc, copper, iron, nickel, and silver).

Basic metals used for making the needles are copper (brass) and iron. All the needles of the applicator or only a part of them have coatings of other metals (the tips of the needles stay uncoated).
For example, there may be the following variants: the iron needles without any coating or coated with nickel or zinc; the copper needles without any coating or coated with silver.
The rubber base has restricting ledges around the needles and along the edges of the applicator lyapko usa, which increases steadiness and reliability of needles fastening and protects a patient`s skin from injury.
The applicator "family" consists of many applicators which have different dimensions, shape, step (distance between the needles) and ways of fixation.
The applicator step is selected according to individual cutaneous sensitivity and required the intensity of stimulation; the patient`s sensations are also taken into accounts (one should feel comfortable). For children, it is better to use the applicators with the denser step.
The applicators-plates and the applicators-rollers produce the same effect so it is possible to use them by themselves and to combine in order to get the more powerful effect.

The difference between the applicators-plates and the applicators-rollers
The applicators-plates are intended for static stimulation, mainly of those parts of the body which have big curvature radius: back, abdomen, chest, lumbosacral area, palms, and feet. It is possible to lie on the flat applicators or to put them on the affected area of the body and press evenly with a little sack of sand or fix them with a bandage. Applying the plates does not require any assistance.
The rollers are the applicators used for dynamic stimulation ("needle shower"). They can be applied to all the parts of the body. Applying the roller needs an assistant`s help to cover those parts of the body which are difficult to reach. With the applicator roller, it is possible to warm the whole family after supercooling in 10 minutes. Children usually like "to be rolled" with the applicator, they just laugh with pleasure.

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