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imageWe do not need to deceive the customer with positive reviews about the true performance of your business and we do not have to talk well about lousy performance. Experience has indicated this isn't what our clients have been talking about in recent years.
But most of all, we do not want your company, practice or law firm to maintain economic trouble because unjustified valuations, rightly or erroneously disgruntled clients, obscure your authentic performance. Because more than 97% of all work done or products sold are good or really good - that must be communicated. Thus, we advise you to buy testimonials to cushion bad testimonials or to show your true performance.

Represent your true accomplishment

Our duty is to record the positive experiences that you have with your customers every day to represent the true performance of your business or service, because we know that at a bad encounter, clients write 17 times quicker than a favorable one Experience. By contrast, satisfied customers normally do not write reviews, even in the event that you request them to do so or ask for them.

Thus, it is important that you present your performance properly and to record in writing positive feedback that you receive orally in daily comments with your customers. This will show potential customers their authentic performance and provide normal clients the safety of being correct.

Purchase positive reviews to reveal the true performance

Consumers are normally the same in practice. Positive experiences are not commented on as they are the rule. Negative encounters are somewhat exaggerated, embellished and falsified truth, as they are just not regular and it's so nice to play the victim that has been treated unfairly.

The result is that you're more likely to get negative comments than positive comments. Statisticians talk of a seventeen-fold higher likelihood that adverse will be reported further than favorable.

Not surprising. As a doctor you've treated the individual successfully, the food on your restaurant tasted great, the hotel was clean, the service was friendly and the garage fixed the vehicle. So nothing extraordinary occurred, everything as expected, a good direction as in 98 percent of cases.

But in 1-3percent of things something goes wrong. That too is normal and should not therefore distort the image of your company. An error ought to be presented as an exclusion less normal. That is why you have to serve as an entrepreneur and buy valuations so the relationship is straightened out again.

Dear entrepreneurs, now is the time to act. You know it and I have known it for quite a very long time: greater than 80 percent of new customers read the reviews about your small business and even regular clients depart when reported negatively.

A word on customers with a very poor rating average, which is Google ratings under 3.5. We need to be sensitive with you. In other words, ratings are also made with the four celebrities in order not to attract attention. For many portals it is completely incredible if they've received less great reviews in the last several years and suddenly arrive within a couple of days just 5 star ratings.

Through our large community, we've got the ability to send actual (live) visitors to your business who will ask about or present their own services or products. We then rate the guided consultation and record it in a rating for your business. Our customers move in a structured manner according to a pre-defined collection of standards to ensure maximum transparency. It's assisted by our years of experience in mystery shopping.

And thus do not hesitate to purchase reviews. Purchasing reviews helps you both gain new sales and safeguard your life's work - buy now

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